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Cutie! Someone adopt him. He needs a nice home.


My new foster pup, Talen! He’s a sweet little dog. If you or anyone you know in New England is looking for a dog, adopt this one! :D

Creamy Candy bubble bar! :)

Merry Christmas from Bitsy :)

Fronz and I See Stars filling in for Danny <3


Beau <3

Eric :)

Just a slight idea of how an ISS set goes. Crowd surfers on top of crowd surfers on top of crowd surfers. =P
Tribute to Mitch Lucker, I couldn’t even sing. Too busy crying. :(

4th of July cupcakes we made a while back :)

Happy Halloween from Bitsy! :)

This is Bisty. She’s my new foster pup. Someone adopt her :)

My pumpkin :)