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I fucking love it when artists do this. <3

Even though he’s changed so much, those eyes will always be the same <3

Anonymous asked: Bridesmaids are the ones that have been with the band since the beginning. Its really annoying when someone says their one when they haven't been a fan for very long.

Are you fucking joking? I’ve been a fan of BVB since the very beginning. Since OVER 4 years ago. Back when you could talk to andy on MySpace and the others as well. Back when Chris Hollywood and Pan Burton were in the lineup. I was the girl who was given Andy’s bass guitar that he’s had since he was 12. I was there for all of the pan Burton drama, sticking up for my boys. I cried when Sandra left and I was there to welcome Jake, Ashley, Jinxx, AND CC. I talked to Andy on myspace a few times a week and he’s even commented on a few of my photos. When I first met them all in person 3 years ago I didn’t even have to introduce myself because they already knew me. I’m good friends with Andy’s father, chris and with Andy’s tattoo artist, Mike. I’ve been with them since the VERY beginning along with a small number of other girls whom I’m friends with as well. Guaranteed you are NOT one of them. WE are the original bridesmaids and I will not put up with stupid little fancunts trying to act like they’ve been around longer than me. Do NOT fucking try to tell me what a bridesmaid is because me and the other original bridesmaids ARE the definition of a bridesmaid. You clearly know nothing about me at all so hop the fuck off my blog. And next time you want to try an call me out make sure you have your facts straight. Dumb ass.

Anonymous asked: How did you come up with nikkibridesmaid? What's the meaning behind it

A bridesmaid is a female fan of the band Black Veil Brides. I’ve used it as my screenname for tumblr, twitter, ect. for like 3 years now and even though I have a new favorite band I keep this as my name so people can find me. I’m known as “nikkibridesmaid” to a lot of people so I feel like I can’t just change it. =P

He’s changed so much…

It’s just so sexy when artists do this.

My reply to a FIR fan trying to justify Ronnies actions. Sorry, but I’m sick of reading that shit. Haha

I kid of miss the old Andy. Back when he wasn’t so famous and he had time to talk to his fans and things were just simple. =/

WHAT THE FUCK. Why is this not a tour? Ugh. It would have been so amazing.